Water is the basis for life. And yet, according to World Health Organization , 800,000 children die every year from diarrhea caused by poor water quality.

In China, reports state that 58,000 people in rural areas die every year from diarrhea caused by drinking water contaminated with microorganisms.  

Researchers working with RDPI have found that over 90% of all villages in rural China have levels of bacteria and pathogens in their drinking water that exceed national standards.


Rural Development Partners International (云南家润工贸有限公司) is a social enterprise located in Kunming, Yunnan, China. Our goal is to manufacture products to help rural peoples in southwest China develop. As a social enterprise 100% of all profits are donated to our strategic partner organizations that serve rural peoples. 


Our first product is the ceramic water filter (CWF). CWF’s have been approved by the World Health Organization as an effective household water treatment and safe stored method.

CWF’s are very effective in removing the bacteria and pathogens that lead to diarrhea and other diseases. 

Our filters have been distributed as far away as north of Beijing, and the Tibetan plato, but most are sold in rural areas of Yunnan and the surrounding provinces. 

Contact: info@rdpintl.com